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We strive to bring you the best value deals on plumbing and heating.

Unfortunately though, some unscrupulous competitors bid lower than us by:
  • supplying cheaper, under-powered boilers that just won't cope with your heating and hot water needs, eventually burning out prematurely under the strain;
  • using fittings (such as taps and traps) from countries with lower manufacturing standards than you would have a right to expect; and
  • cutting corners on installation procedures, leaving you with a system that won't pass building control inspections or which fails to meet lawyers' or surveyors' requirements when you come to sell your home.
We stand by all our boiler installations with a two year guarantee and proper 'Benchmark' documentation under the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council's scheme.

All our fittings both meet the exacting standards of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and all our workmanship comes with our own 'no quibble' two year warranty.

Make sure you get the same standards from any competitor's quote.

If in doubt, send the competitor's quote to us - if they have specified to the same standard as us we guarantee to match any genuine quote.
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