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If you have a sick boiler don't worry! We often bring back to life boilers that other repairers write-off,
but if you need a new boiler then click here for information on our latest offers on installing new boilers.

Boiler servicing from £45: Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now! Boiler service from just £45: Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now!


Is your boiler forgotten and uncared for

, toiling away in a cupboard or corner somewhere?

If that's true, then you're probably wasting ££££s on your gas bill whilst your boiler struggles to cope with the demands of heating your home and providing hot water, especially in winter when Jack Frost does his worst with the weather.

So isn't it about time you treated your boiler to a thorough, money saving service? Then call or e-mail us now to book your boiler service!

We will pamper your boiler with a full service!

Why service a boiler?

Typically we take our boilers for granted. All year round they provide hot water and in the winter keep our homes warm.

But boilers are complicated machines working in a harsh environment.  Igniters, gas burners, safety sensors and printed circuit boards have to cope with heat and the valves, pump and pipework deal with the usually toxic contents of your radiator water.

That's why servicing your boiler each year is important.  Whether it's a basic safety check or a full, strip down service, your boiler needs care to keep it in peak condition.

So call or e-mail us now to book your boiler a 5 star pampering!


Your boiler gets a 5 star pampering

with our full boiler service to bring it back to tip-top condition including:
  • Safety check for gas leaks

    at your meter, pipework and boiler.
  • Improve the gas flame

    by cleaning dust and debris from the burner.
  • Check the ignition system

    , cleaning or adjusting the pilot light/electrode.
  • Improve heating efficiency

    by cleaning the main heat exchanger.
  • Test the flue gases

    to check on burner efficiency.
  • Adjust the gas rate

    to save gas and money.
  • Safety check that seals and gaskets

    are gas and water-tight.
  • Test for deadly carbon monoxide leaks

    from the boiler and flue.
  • Optionally

    , add a chemical inhibitor to the heating system to

    protect your boiler from rust attacks*

All from just £75 plus VAT+.


If your boiler is serviced regularly

then you may not need a full service every year.  Many boilers only need a full service every two years or so.

In between, a basic service with safety inspection and flue gas analysis may what you need to check your boiler is in good condition.

You'll still get a comprehensive safety check and flue gas test to check your boiler isn't wasting fuel, but you'll save ££££s on servicing bills.

Here's what we do in a basic boiler service:
  • Check the meter

    , pipes and boiler for gas leaks.
  • Check seals and gaskets

    are gas and water-tight.
  • Test for deadly carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Check flue gases

    to test boiler efficiency.
  • Optionally, add a chemical inhibitor

    to the heating system to

    protect your boiler from rust attacks*

All from just £55 plus VAT+.

*Additional charge of £24 applies.
+ Refers to open burner boilers. For sealed burner boilers call us on 0845 020 0670 for service prices.
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