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Call us now for a free radiator black sludge test!

We clean out radiator sludge: Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now! We can cure cold spots in radiators and poor central heating: Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now!


Do your radiators suffer from cold spots?

A thick black sludge of limescale and magnetite will settle in your heating pipes and radiators over time, preventing hot water from circulating and making it hard for your boiler to heat your home.

We can PowerFlush away heat-blocking and energy sapping black radiator sludge, making your heating warmer and more efficient, saving you gas and money on boiler maintenance and repairs.

Call us now for a free radiator black sludge test!

Does my heating need a PowerFlush?  Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now! 

Does your central heating system suffer from radiator black sludge?

You can do some basic tests for yourself to see if your central heating system may need a PowerFlush to clear out radiator black sludge. Here's what to do:


  • Do you have cold spots in your radiators?

    The simplest test for black radiator sludge in your heating is to check the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the radiators.

    Once your heating has reached its normal operating temperature, using the back of your hand (not the palm*) feel the temperature at the top-middle of the radiator and then immediately down at the bottom.

    If the bottom of the radiator is much cooler than the top then black sludge is probably blocking the hot water flow around the radiator.

  • Do you have red sludge in your header tank?

    If your heating system has a small filling tank (known as a 'feed and expansion' or 'header' tank, usually in the loft or other high spot in the property), have a look at the inside of the tank.

    If the water is clear and the sides of the tank are visible below the water line then the system water is usually OK.

    If the water is reddish in colour and you can't see through it then you have red sludge or 'hermetite' in the top of your central heating system and probably black sludge or magnetite in the radiators and pipework.

Click on the image below for more signs of black sludge in your central heating system:

Click for larger image: Call DripFix for PowerFlushing on 0845 020 0670 now!
Image courtesy of Kamco Ltd+

If you have:
  • radiator cold spots
  • excessive air in the top of radiators
  • regular heating pump failures
  • bubbling and burbling noises from your boiler or heating pipes
then your heating system will beneft from a PowerFlush.  Just call or e-mail us now for a free black radiator sludge test.
* Use the back of your hand instead of the palm to check for radiator cold spots.  If the radiator is too hot, normally you will pull the back of your hand away, but if you use your palm your hand may go into a spasm which can cause you to grip the radiator and injure yourself.

Does my heating need a PowerFlush?  Call DripFix on 0845 020 0670 now!

A PowerFlush for your heating system is a specialist job.

Here's what we would typically do to PowerFlush black radiator sludge out of your heating system:
  • For particularly bad black sludge

    , we add a special solvent to your heating about 7 days in advance to start dissolving black sludge.
  • On the day of the PowerFlush

    we fit a special pump to your heating system to boost the water flow rate, then add cleaning chemicals.
  • We PowerFlush each radiator individually

    to dislodge compacted black radiator sludge.
  • As the dirty water circulates we filter it

    with a high powered magnet to trap dissolved black sludge and rust.
  • We reverse the water flow regularly

    to agitate the black radiator sludge to help flush it away.

  • The PowerFlush process is repeated

    for every radiator in your home.
  • Then we PowerFlush the entire system

    with fresh water to remove the system cleaning chemicals.
  • Now we add special neutraliser

    to balance the water's pH value.
  • Finally, we add a chemical inhibitor

    to help stop future black radiator sludge build-up.
Your boiler and heating pump will both benefit from the PowerFlush. Hot water will flow more efficiently through your central heating system, making the boiler and pump more effective, saving you money on electricity, gas and boiler maintenance.

+DripFix is a Kamco authorised stockist
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